All Records of this office, as well as conversations between the Associates, the Company and the Associates, and the Associates and clients and consumers are considered confidential information.

No files can be removed from this office without the permission of the Company and no other information obtained while working for this Company shall be used to the detriment of the Company, its Associates and employees, and its clients and customers.

The Company, its Associates and employees must safeguard the privacy and personal information of the Company's customers in compliance with Federal and State laws. All confidential information shall be kept in a safe place inaccessible to any other affiliates and visitors.

The following procedures and policies are intended to protect the confidentiality of the company's clients:

  • Associates should refrain from discussing confidential information of the client with anyone (including another Associate) absent the client'ts consent.
  • Comments at sales meetings should not reveal confidential information of the client without the client's permission.
  • Office files of listings and pending sales should be kept confidential and may not be accessed except by authorized staff and the particular Associate involved in the listing transaction.
  • Fax transmission as well those received by any other electronic means should be kept confidential.
  • Internal Leads received from Social Media Advertising should be kept confidential.
  • Contract, offers, counteroffers and other transactional documents will be delivered to the person addressed in envelops. Persons other than the addressees are not authorized to open such envelop.